your Odyssey

your Odyssey

‘I love the adventures — they’re a great way to get started. The Odyssey is where my passion is.’

I’ve been helping people outgrow unwanted fears, behaviours and patterns of thought, stop smoking, achieve their weight goals, have better relationships, and have better relationships with themselves  for well over a decade, by offering private and group sessions in



3dMind and



use these approaches daily, and I know they work. Here’s the thing:

What if change is possible?

What if you could actually change your mind, your life, and start to create something just because you want it to happen?

What if you could make just one little change each day — can you already see how those small changes add up over the weeks and months?

How good it feels?

Begin the journey of a lifetime. Discover what it can be like when you gently take back control of your life and really shine. 

If you’ve got something specific in mind you want to outgrow, change now,

call me on 07493 222 032; or

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to book a time and embark your personal Odyssey right now.


 If you’d like a little more information before signing up for the journey of a lifetime, you’re welcome to head on over to the Odyssey page for more information or contact me for a quick chat to find out what we can do together to help you.